Galvanized Trailer


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Australian Built , heavy duty galvanized tandem.

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Galvanized Trailer

At Economy Trailers we can build you a genuinely built Australian, galvanized trailer. Our trailers are built from raw materials then taken to local galvanizer at Wacol, to complete the galvanizing process.  We use Australian made parts, i.e. axles, u bolts and mudguards.  Some parts are locally made and others come from trusted suppliers in Melbourne and Sydney.

Our trailers are built to A.D.R standards, with quality raw material.

We build a large range of trailers, from small 6×4 box trailer to large tandem trailers.

Whatever your specifications, our expert staff at Economy Trailers, can design and build it for you.

Tandem Galvanized Trailer

  • Low maintenance, High Visibility LED combination lights.
  • 100 x 50 RHS Draw Bar, extended to make it easy to reverse
  • Heavy duty RHS Chassis.
  • Different heights on side panels ( 325 , 425 , 525 )
  • Braking on two axles ( not one)
  • Electric coupling with hand brake
  • Gusseted Mudguards for added strength
  • Spare wheel attached to drawbar
  • Recessed light channel
  • 12 Month Component Warranty.


Our cage trailers are made from the same quality and construction you would expect from Economy Trailers Pty. Ltd.  By adding a cage you can maximise your carrying capacity.  We have a large range of optional extras and upgrades  of our cage trailers to suit what you need out of your box  trailer.

If you already have a trailer, we can build a cage to fit.  Our cages  can be built to come off in sections, or stay in one piece, also you can add a cover to protect your load.

Options: Deep Sides, racks, cage, land cruiser.

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Why pay more for lesser quality?

At Economy Trailers, it's the price that's cheap, not the construction.

Using high quality steel and extensive engineering experience Economy Trailers specialises in Box Trailers and Box Trailer parts.

If you're looking for something custom - you've come to the right place!

Contact Economy Trailers today!

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