Enclosed Trailer 7X4

Enclosed Trailer 7X4


Enclosed Trailer 7×4

Custom Design  and Construction is our specialty

  • Heavy duty construction
  • Lockable T handles
  • Rubber Seals
  • Zinc panels
  • Led Lights
  • New Wheels


Economy Trailers are experienced in the design and manufacture of enclosed trailers. We proudly work to maintain and improve our already high service standards. We develop each trailer using only the highest quality components that comply with the Australian design rules.
It is our aspiration to ensure that each and every customer who buys an enclosed box trailer from Economy Trailers is completely satisfied.

Why buy enclosed trailers from Economy Trailers.

  1. We are the manufacturer of quality built trailers, no middle man involved, and so we can give you    quality built enclosed trailer at a reasonable price.
  2.  Economy Trailers source parts and accessories from reputable companies in Australia to ensure you get a trailer to last.
  3. All metal components purchased from local suppliers.

Load capacity

There are several terms used when describing load capacities, all trailers offered by Economy Trailers comply with Australian Standards and specify the ATM and Tare Weight on the compliance plate.

  1. Tare Mass or Weight

This is the mass of the trailer itself; that is the unloaded weight of the trailer.

  1. Aggregate Trailer Mass (ATM)

Often referred to as Gross vehicle Mass (GVM)  in the trailer industry. Gvm is the gross trailer mass plus the tow bar download. In other words, the ATM is the maximum towing weight of the trailer.

  1. Payload

This is the maximum load the trailer can carry. The payload is the Aggregate Trailer Mass (ATM) less the Tare Mass of the trailer.



Your trailer must be registered to tow it on the road. If it is not done at the point of purchase, you will need to arrange for an unregistered permit prior to collecting your trailer.  Economy Trailers are Qld- Department of Transport dealer and have trained HVRAS staff available to register our trailers for you on site.

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