Box trailer 8×5 with Cage

Box trailer 8×5  with Cage


Price :Call for price

Heavy duty construction. Come in and check out our quality.




Just like our Box trailers our cages are Australian Made from Galvanized steel. They are built strong and durable, best value for money.

The cage bolts into the purpose designed corner posts on the trailer.

Our robust model is built with rust proof zinc sheets, and galvanized RHS steel chassis.

Panels built with rust proof zinc sheet.

Rein enforced Galvanized pipe tie rails on four sides.

Every box trailer is fabricated from raw material at our Goodna factory. Fabrication of every trailer complies fully with Australian ADR standards.  Quality without  compromise.

  • Zinc Panels
  • Heavy duty springs
  • Solid steel axle
  • Galvanized RHS chassis
  • QR Coupling with Australian standard safety chain

Our Robust box trailer, is perfect for any job, from small to extra large, home or work. Built to last heavy duty quality trailer. Perfect for long hauls or local trips. Galvanized steel and zinc panels are use to give you a box trailer that will last.


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