Bike trailer 3 tracks


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7 x 5  bike trailer – 3 Tracks, Top Quality bike trailer. Built in our factory by qualified tradesmen. WE PRIDE OURSELVES IN CUSTOMER SATISFACTION

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  • Welded chassis (not bolted)
  • Extended draw bar, room for spare wheel.
  • Checker plate infills (for safety).
  • 3 bike tracks
  • one bike ramp
  • 40×40 rhs chassis
  • 75 x 50 draw bar extended back to springs.
  • QR coupling with rated safety chain

Economy Trailers, Bike trailers will transport your bikes in safety, numerous tie down points. Galvanized steel chassis which extends the life of your trailer and reduces your maintenance costs.

Economy trailers have been manufacturing in the Ipswich area for over 24 years and every bike trailer carries with it the experience gained in that time. Every trailer is built to conform to Australian design rules.

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Why pay more for lesser quality?

At Economy Trailers, it's the price that's cheap, not the construction.

Using high quality steel and extensive engineering experience Economy Trailers specialises in Box Trailers and Box Trailer parts.

If you're looking for something custom - you've come to the right place!

Contact Economy Trailers today!

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