Cheap Box Trailers for Sale

Cheap Box Trailers for Sale

Also known as a car trailer, box trailer is the most common type of trailer. People often hitch them to the back of a car or truck with the intention of carrying things that they wouldn’t be able to carry otherwise. They come in all shapes and sizes, and are made out of all kinds of different materials. Cheap box trailers are highly sought after by anyone who’s moving a lot of things from one destination to another and can’t fit them all in a single vehicle.


The smallest commonly available cheap box trailers are 6 feet by 4 feet, or metric 1.8 x 1.200  though Economy Trailers build  an even smaller model (5×3).  Average capacity is 750 kilograms, or about 1,650 pounds. Dual-axle box trailers, in which two or more axles are situated closely together to provide greater weight capacity, can carry up to 3,000 kilograms (or roughly 6,600 pounds). However, trailers of that size need a correspondingly heavy vehicle to tow them.


Economy Trailers in Australia specialises in making cheap box trailers. Experts in the box trailer industry normally recommend paying a little extra to buy a trailer that will last. Generally speaking, because inexpensive trailers are made of  black steel, their floors and exteriors can rust in a matter of years. However, Economy Trailers offers cheap box trailers that are also built to last. These trailers are built using high-quality steel and extensive engineering experience. They specialise in luggage trailers, tradesman and custom-built trailers, cheap box trailers, tandem trailers, mower trailers, repairs and modifications, spare parts, and accessories.


Among the items currently on offer at Economy, a galvanised trailer comes with a welded chassis. A drawbar and panel are welded to the chassis, with brakes and racks optional.


The tandem trailer, on the other hand, comes with LED lights, a solid steel axle, and braking hubs on both axles (electric brakes optional). This trailer is recommended for those who want a trailer that absorbs shocks and doesn’t bounce as easily. In contrast to some of the other trailers on offer, the tandem trailer’s second axle helps keep the trailer stable and secure.


Weighing in at around $2,500, the standard camping trailer has shackle springs, a solid HD axle, long (100×50) drawbar, six stud sun raiser wheels, and an eight-inch swivel jockey wheel, retractable, adjustable-height wheel that helps keep the trailer level.


And, for those looking for something a little out of the ordinary, the motorbike trailer (starting at $1,350) comes with a ramp, two jerry can holders, solid axle, and Australian standard safety chain to fasten the motorbike securely. Like all the Economy trailers, this trailer comes with a one-year warranty and available on-site registration.

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