Cheap Box Trailers for Sale

Cheap Box Trailers for Sale

The term ‘box trailer’ is about as specific as ‘boat’. Even the adjective ‘box’ is hardly accurate when it comes to describing the huge variety of shapes and sizes available to the buyer who wants an inexpensive trailer to hitch onto the back of the family car or even something heavier duty. And it is not just the shape, size or capacity that vary, but the materials from which it is constructed. The days of the simple wooden box trailer are all but forgotten as manufacturers compete to offer class-leading design features even in entry level trailers.

You probably wouldn’t want a box trailer smaller than 6 X 4 (1800 mm X 1200), which is still the smallest commonly available size of box trailer, although Economy Trailers Pty Ltd offer a  5 X 3 (1500 X 900) model. A typical capacity would be 750 kilograms but this figure includes the weight of the trailer itself, which can be much more than you expect!

Heavy-duty dual-axle box trailers can carry loads of up to 3000 kg (including the trailer weight). But you need a matching heavy-duty tow vehicle and trailer brakes.

There is much more to consider than size alone. Economy Trailers can manufacture a box trailer with numerous options, deep sides, longer drawbar. You might also want a front tailgate. You can even specify side steps, a gas bottle holder or rear stands.

Economy Trailers manufacture box trailers to suit customer’s requirements and budget.

Economy Trailer give customers a choice of second hand tyres or new. Every box trailer is engineered  to a high manufacturing standard.

Side cages can also be handy for some loads. Economy Trailers build all box trailers with added features that will take a cage.

Tie-down points are also important. All Economy Trailers, box trailers come with pipe tie rails on four sides.  If the gross vehicle mass (GVM) of the trailer is 750 kilograms or less it is not necessary to have brakes.


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